Monday, 18 November 2013

Get the same beautiful eye colors as Rihanna herself by wearing contact lenses

If there was ever an award for being a trend setter in the past 10 years it would have to be given to Rihanna, from her make-up, clothing, music and her overall attitude to life and the fashion world, she has won our hearts over and over again, catching the attention of the whole wide world,

Now for the one thing that gets asked quite a lot over these years it is "does Rihanna wear contact lenses", the answer is "yes", not all the time though, she has been noticed in various photo shoots for magazines sporting normal color contact lenses right through to special effect contact lenses with the medusa shoot she did which was pretty spectacular, she also uses contact lenses to boost her eye color rather than change it totally, and tends to choose contacts similar to her own eye color using greens and hazel, and also contact lenses with beauty boosting rings around the outer edge,

The Natural Look

A popular pair you may see Rihanna wearing are the "Green Freshlook Colorblends Contacts", whilst they do not always change the color on dark eyes they do add some interesting effects,

Same beautiful eyes as Rihanna wearing Green Freshlook Colorblends
Rihanna has green eyes boosted with "Green Freshlook Colorblends"

The Mixed Eye Color

Now if you want to try to achieve other eye colors like Rihanna it might be worth also trying Colorways, these contact lenses do not change your eye color in all cases but add a screen of color over your own eye color which blends in very well, get the look below using Beach Colorways Contacts.

Same smokey effect eyes as Rihanna with Colorways contacts
Rihanna wearing colored contacts that screen her eye color to give a even mix (Beach Colorways suggested)

Beauty Enhance Rings upon the Eyes

and now for the look that everybody wants, the color boosting ring on the contacts, the ring that darkens the edge of your eyes making your eyes look more glamorous and appealing, Rihanna is famous for enhanced rings upon her eyes, its the look we all want, and this can be easily achieved with Stormy Gray Enhanced Color Contact Lenses,

Enhance contact lenses with beauty rings
Beauty Rings around your eye color with "Gray Enhance Color Contact Lenses"
As you can see from the above photo very adorable eyes and perfect for gray smokey effect eye make-up to enhance your look further, beauty enhancing ring contact lenses have been a long term favourtie with make-up artists for some time now, its a way of getting the look so perfect it seems flawless,

Now the choice is yours, Natural Green contacts like Rihanna, a mixture of color like Rihanna with Colorways or the Beauty enhancing rings? we know what or favourite choice is but what is yours?

Green Freshlook Colorblends $16.95, Beach Colorways $24.95, Stormy Grey Enhance $27.95, all priced as pairs direct from