Thursday, 13 March 2014

Maleficent Contacts for impressive makeup results

Crazy eyes latest offerings for the fairer sex have just rolled out this week as the brand introduces the most wanted Maleficent contact lenses which are sure to get hearts rates racing this year,

If you don’t know already Maleficent is tipped to be the biggest movie of the year which covers the story before “Sleeping Beauty” and how the witch Maleficent became evil, dubbed “where evil has its beginning”

Maleficent Contacts
Maleficent Contact Lenses
With some great makeup, special effects and a gripping storyline the Maleficent movie should not be missed be anyone,

Now for the effects,
Crazy eyes Maleficent contacts are true to the character which is portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the Movie, they offer a thorny design to give the feeling of fear with the colors black, green and orange to add that more Halloween twined appearance,

Upon the eyes the Maleficent contacts are second to none, and combined with a Maleficent style makeup it is an even more impressive look!

Maleficent Contacts with Makeup
Whilst the main theme with Maleficent is all evil there is also a certain charm and theme that captivates, The Maleficent movie is due for release in May, but you can get your contacts as of March 13th for $24.95 per pair at

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