Monday, 28 April 2014

Demon Blood Red Contact Lenses for vampires, zombies and demons!

Vampires, zombies and demons are all trademark characters in any good horror, thriller or slasher movie. Come Halloween the streets will be full of party goers dressed in all sorts of outfits and you can be sure to see some well known faces from an array of flicks.

But how do you stand out from the crowd? With Blood Red contact lenses you can be sure to put the finishing touches to an already spine tingled outfit that will really make you a cut above the rest. The list of horror and slasher movies is endless but there’s usually one characteristic that’s apparent in all of them; their eyes. Being a dead give away of evil, red eyes usually means trouble!

Simple yet effective, Fashion Blood Red contact lenses don’t have to be limited to the uses of fancy dress parties or Halloween. Maybe cosplay is an activity in which you enjoy to spend your free time. Adding finishing touches such as Fashion Contact Lenses is sure to make the final touches to your costume. Or perhaps you’re a budding film maker and you want to create your own 28 Days Later or Insideous and you’re looking to make sure your audience are really kept on the edge of their seats. Any scary character with red eyes will most certainly do the trick!

Maybe it’s a photography project you’re embarking upon and you need your models to have that stand out quality. Look no further than Fashion Blood Red contact lenses, sure to draw the eye to where you want them to. With that in mind why not try wearing a set of Fashion Contact Lenses on your next night out. If its attention you’re after you’ll be sure to get heads turning wearing these.

 Demon Blood Red Contact Lenses
Demon Blood Red Halloween contact lenses
All crazy eyes contact lenses are non-prescription meaning they have no vision altering powers and are therefore for cosmetic use only.  They can also be worn for 30 whole days provided they are looked after correctly. 

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