Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Contact Lenses that actually work on dark eye colors

Introducing the Light Blue Fresh Color contact lenses, the contacts that work on all eye colors even dark eyes, why waste your time on contact lenses with false promises when Fresh Color will do what they are supposed to do “Change your eye color”

These Light Blue Fresh Colors contacts have so much to offer, they are 3 colored contacts so this means they offer 3 different colors on one lens, the first color is a black ring around the edge of the lens to enhance eye beauty, the second color is the light blue this is the more prominent color that stands out very well, and the third color is the hazel which surrounds your pupil,

Fresh color contacts carry more color than standard contact lenses, this is achieved by using patent pending methods that have proven to work, the colors are a more bolder opaque so where ever the light blue color is on the lens your eye color will not come through,

Light blue fresh color contacts are non-prescription contacts so they will not alter or change your own vision, they are suitable for all eyes as they are designed to change your eye color only and not the way you see,

Enjoy colored contact lenses that actually work upon your eyes, the proof is in the contacts! Take a look now

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