Thursday, 25 September 2014

Top 10 contact lenses for Halloween 2014

Halloween is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year and enjoyed by everybody worldwide, it is now fast approaching us, so as the days count down you need to think fast and have all your Halloween preparations to the ready, that includes your thought out costume and props,
Unlike other popular holidays Halloween always seems to be quick and can leave a few of us short on time to act,
We have gathered the figures so far for this year on the Top 10 selling contact lenses on the run up to Halloween along with a few ideas to help assist you.

Bezerker Contact Lenses

These contacts always seem to do well at Halloween, maybe it’s the colors of white and red as they look really scary upon the eyes, or maybe it’s because they suit a wide range of Halloween costume and make-up like zombies, vampires and demons just to mention a few, either way they are still an awesome style of contact lens and pack frightening results.
Bezerker Halloween contact lenses
Bezerker Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Basic White Contact Lenses

Whilst most contacts scary contacts sell well at Halloween these white contacts sell well all year round and the demand for them at Halloween is crazy, basic white contacts were one of the first special effect contact lenses made available to the public many years ago and are still a favourite with Halloween fans worldwide.
Basic White Halloween Contact Lenses
Basic White Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

White Zombie Contact Lenses

With new zombie movies coming out every year the White Zombie contact lenses are a true zombie lover’s contact lens and a good Halloween contact lens, you will see many wearing these on zombie crawls around the world and also at Halloween, they are simple white out contacts with a splatter of blood across them, they don’t need much else as upon the eyes these are very terrifying.
White Zombie Halloween contact lenses
White Zombie Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Demon Blood Red Contact Lenses

Another classic contact lens that was launched many years ago but still as popular as ever, the demon blood red contact lenses are pure red in color and block out your own eye color making your eyes red, highly visible and a smart choice for anyone looking to create a few screams over Halloween.
Blood Red Halloween Contacts
Blood Red Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Maleficent Contact Lenses

The latest Maleficent contact lenses have been a huge success thanks to the movie fans and Angelina Jolie fans, dressing up as Maleficent is tipped to be the number one choice by Halloween partygoers this year and the demand for these contacts is showing it, we would say act fast on these contacts as they are for sure to sell out before Halloween comes.
Maleficent Halloween Contacts
Maleficent Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Infected Zombie Contact Lenses

The zombie craze never settles in movies, video games and on TV series, So the demand to be a zombie is still as strong as the year before and so on, whilst more people who choose to dress up as zombies in the scariest ways possible Infected Zombie contact lenses have been a front runner in this, the contacts stand out very well from a distance and to be fair are so scary upon the eyes we give them a big scream factor.
Infected Zombie Halloween contacts
Infected Zombie Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Black Out Contact Lenses

Vampire and Horror movies with that dark edge have kept Black out contact lenses in the top spot, whilst they are not as highly visible as other contacts the do pack this creepy and spooky feeling when up close with the person wearing them, if you’re a fan of the more gothic side of Halloween these are a must.
Black Halloween contact lenses
Black Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Demonic White 15mm NV Special Fx Lenses

Even though whilst wearing both of these contacts at once your vision gets restricted it has still not stop the surge of customers wanting the exciting and different Demonic white contact lenses, the contacts block out your whole vision giving you a blind eye effect, whilst ideal for close up photography and movie shots they are still in huge demand with Halloween revellers.
Demonic White Halloween Contacts
Demonic White Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

David Lost Boys Special Fx Lenses

We are not sure if it is the classic The Lost Boys movie that has put these contacts into the top 10 list or if it is because of their unusual design, but either way David Lost Boys are one of the nicest lenses to look at with detail when not in the eyes, now put them in your eyes and that’s a whole different story you go from human looking to the scariest and most frightening looking in seconds, so with this we gladly welcome them to the top 10 best-selling Halloween contact lenses.
The Lost Boys Halloween Contact Lenses
David Lost Boy Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts

Anakin Sith Contact Lenses

We Know for sure these contacts are not used to dress up as Anakin Sith at Halloween as the contacts have a wide range of use as other scary and creepy monsters over Halloween, they are red and yellow in color and make your eyes look fierce with anger with flames.
Fire Halloween Contact Lenses
Anakin Sith aka Fire Contact Lenses - Halloween Contacts


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