Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Get the same eyes as Naruto and the clan

Naruto has a massive fan base and if you’re a lover of the popular anime series then you’ll no doubt have your favourite character with their distinctive powers.

Coming with the territory of Naruto is the past time of cosplay. Who doesn’t love dressing as a favourite character from their favourite television series? Now you can even put those finishing touches to your outfit with our wide range of Naruto Special Fx contact lenses. In a series such as Naruto it’s all about the eyes. They tell a story about the person who has them and also holds great powers.

Perhaps it’s all about Kakashi for you, and let’s face it, he is one of the popular characters. Our Kakashi Mangekyou contact lenses will transform your eyes into the leader of Team 7. When he is first introduced initially he appeared to be somewhat weak and often appearing late for appointments. However, his true strength is displayed when it comes to testing and teaching his students. It is clear that Kakashi is a worthy opponent as his abilities are showcased while he fights opponents with confidence while simultaneously reading an erotic novel.

Although he is one of the more popular characters let’s not forget the others. With our huge selection of Naruto contact lenses whichever one is your favourite we have a pair of lenses for you. As well as Kakashi Mangekyou contact lenses in our selection you can also find Original Sharigan, Bladed Uchiha, Uchiha Sasuke, Rinnegan and Bykugan Special Fx Lenses. With such a wide variety you can be sure to transform yourself into your favourite Naruto character in style. Perhaps a passionate hobby of yours is cosplay and you’ve been looking for that finishing touch that really makes your costume stand out from the rest. Or maybe it’s a fancy dress party you’ve been invited to and you want to make sure you get first place for best dressed. Whatever occassion our choice of Naruto Special Fx contact lenses will be sure to cater to your needs.

All of our Special Fx lenses are purely for aesthetic purposes and will not alter vision in any way. They can be worn for up to 30 days and more provided proper care is taken and come with factory sealed, tamper proof glass cases.

Naruto and Rinnegan contact lenses
Naruto Sennin mode & Rinnegan Contact Lenses

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