Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Demonic White Contact Lenses

Demonic White 15mm Contact Lenses

Whilst there are endless choices of contact lenses readily available we thought we'd attract your attention to a pair of contact lenses that are causing a some what buzz,
The contact lenses in question are "Demonic White", unlike normal contact lenses where you have a pupil hole to help you see what's going on whilst wearing them Demonic White does not, strange you might ask yourself, but this is done on purpose to help create super special effects,
The effects with no pupil hole mean your whole eye is covered white as if you have no eye color, yes the lenses do restrict you vision but that's nothing when you want to create perfect photo's for photography close ups with out having to edit a photo, or a close up shot whilst shooting a movie,
Not just restricted to professional use, there is a endless craze going on for these contacts right now with the wearers wearing just one Demonic lens at a time so they can still maintain full vision with their other eye and still enjoy the benefits of great special effects with the other,
May be not a choice for all, but you must admit they a some what freaky looking and would be perfect for a Halloween costume maybe?