Sunday, 13 October 2013

London Zombie Day - was bigger and better

It has been World Zombie day this month and the annual London Zombie Day was held on October 12th 2013 and to those who missed it... well you missed out, the turn out was very good and central London was a mass with Zombie's everywhere, fake blood, masks, zombie contact lenses, mouldy teeth.
It was fun day out and very good to see so many families taking part this year as both adults and children had a great time, and not forgetting some of the special effects which were second to none, there was on onslaught of the public and tourists just itching to take photos, it kind of makes you feel like a celebrity for the day as the reactions were very positive,
It would not be fair to say who the best zombie was as so many people had put a great effort into their makeup and costumes at both ends, but overall the general vibe was felt and the response was great,
The Zombie's set off from Marble Arch at around 1pm heading up a very busy Oxford St, to those shoppers who did not know what was going on it was absolutely spectacular, the fright and shock in their faces was a memory that will last forever,
The walk or crawl as you may call it made its was to Piccadilly Circus to which the Zombie's then dominated the area and became the main attraction before making their way to Leicester Square by which time the zombies turned their taste buds from brains to beer.
Well done to everyone that took part, we hope to see you all there next year this event can only keep getting bigger.

The crowd of zombies building up

Basic White Contact Lenses

accident prone zombie (great special effects and zombie costume idea)

Creepy Zombie Baby

Those hooks were actually in his back (awesome effects)

Left eye (Anakin Sith Contacts) Right eye (Red Wolf).. Other Guy (Bez Contact Lenses)

everyone having fun

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