Monday, 7 October 2013

Zombie Contact Lenses an ideal choice

Halloween is getting really close and now would be the right time to make sure you have got your plan of action ready,

Halloween is about having fun, dressing up and creating a few screams but most of all it is about looking good and hoping your neighbors don't out do you this year,

So to the rescue come Infected Zombie contact lenses which are an ideal contact lens for Halloween, they are red and white in color, with the white part being the base and the red part being the trickling of blood creeping in from the edge,

They can be worn alone and still make a statement or they can be worn with a Halloween costume and makeup (a ripped up suit or dress that has been kick around the garden usually does it) and some fake blood to get the best effects,

You still have plenty of time to get these contacts before Halloween, but ordering sooner rather than later is your better option,

Take advantage of the "Infected Zombie Contacts" now which are on special offer at

Infected Zombie - Halloween Contacts

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